Co-Main Event

Co-Main Event Format:
 500pt Named Theme Golden Age Limited
Entry Fee: $10
Registration Time: Sunday, March 25th @ 12:00pm
Start Time: 12:30pm
Event Structure: Swiss Rounds (3-4 Rounds); Cut to Top 2 

*4-figure minimum; Highlander Rules by set and set # during Force Construction (can’t have the same figure twice)
*Golden Age: All sets except Star Trek ships; D20 Faust and Ophidian are BANNED
*Limited Format:
*No Feats or BFCs or Event Dials
*No Resources or Relics
*No Horde tokens
*No Epic Actions
*No figures larger than a peanut base
*No equipment during Force Construction
*No Constructs
*No ID Cards
*No Special Terrain

Participation Prize – ROC Dice and Majestix tokens
Prize Pool (Draft by order of finish):
*TMNT: Unplugged Gravity Feed box
*TMNT: Unplugged Fast Forces
*TMNT: Unplugged Dice and Token Pack
*Set of TMNT: Unplugged OP Kit
*Merc Jet
*Titano Prime Colossal
*Set of 3 Monthly OP Kit figures
*Set of X-Men Xavier’s School OP Kit 


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