Co-Main Event

Majextix Open 6 (2)
Co-Main Event Format:
 500pt Named Theme Team Silver Age Limited
Entry Fee: $10
Registration Time: Saturday, September 2nd @ 4:00pm
Start Time: 4:45pm
Event Structure: Swiss Rounds (3-4 Rounds); Top 4 play on Sunday after the Top 8 

*4-figure minimum
*Silver Age: All carded figures from DC, Marvel, & TMNT only
*Limited Format:
Not Allowed: Resources, Figures larger than a Peanut base, Constructs, Relics, ID Cards, Feats, BFC’s, Event Dials & Characters equipped during force construction
Allowed: Themed Teams, ATA’s, Special objects, Word Bubbles, Comic Panels, Bystanders & Special Terrain

Participation Prize – LE figure
Prize Pool (Draft by order of finish):

*Undead Gravity Feed box
*Undead Gravity Feed box
*Merc Jet
*Invisible Jet

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