Co-Main Event

Majextix Open 6 (2)

Superhero Showdown
Co-Main Event Format:
3v3 ROC Age
Entry Fee: $30 per team (3 players)
Registration Time: Saturday, April 1st @ 6:00pm
Start Time: 6:45pm
Event Structure: Swiss Rounds (4 Rounds); Top 2 teams play for Championship on Sunday after the Top 16 Superhero Showdown Trophy

*Each 3-person team builds three 300pt teams with the following guidelines:
-Team A – Marvel game elements only
-Team B – DC game elements only
-Team C – Indy game elements only
-For purposes of this event, Watchmen and KA2 count as Indy game elements
-ROC Age (“Oreo-base” sets only); Star Trek ships aren’t legal for this tournament
-Wizkids Modern Age map list (for all teams)
*Each round: Team A vs Team A, Team B vs Team B, and Team C vs Team C
*First 3-person team to win 2 games in a given round wins the match; we will still tally VPs for tie-breaker purposes

1st Place teamDeadpool Team Trophy with Team Name engraved on a plaque (stays at the store); Gold Medals, TMNT 3, Wonder Woman, and Captain America: Civil War Gravity Feed boxes
2nd Place teamSilver Medals, TMNT 3 Gravity Feed box, Fast Forces pack, Dice and Token pack
3rd Place teamBronze Medals, Wonder Woman Gravity Feed box
4th-6th Place teamsCOMPLETE Monthly OP Kits

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