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  • Invincible Iron Man League is upon us, guys!Majestix Huntington Beach – Tuesdays @ 6:00pm
    7561 Center Avenue, Unit 7
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647
    (714) 622-5707
    Contact: John

    -If your piece allows you to bring in outside pieces into the game, you may do so from your own collection; replacement figures must be on your roster
    -you can only use sideboard pieces on your scoresheet (up to 12)
    -post event Draft will begin from last to first (after the Winners get their prize)


    *8 Weeks, Top 4 or 6 will go to a single elimination tournament the following week to determine the champion
    *You must play in at least 4 League events to qualify for prizing
    *We ALWAYS ACCEPT NEW PLAYERS! You can miss 4 weeks and still participate
    *$25 initial league entry; $15 each subsequent week

    Additional Incentives:

    *Play in 4 weeks, get FREE entry into an upcoming Majestix AvX event
    *Play in 6 weeks, get an LE of choice from a recent OP Kit
    *Play in 8 weeks, get your choice of Fast Forces or Starter Set
    *If you play in at least 4 weeks, you may pick 1 FEAR ITSELF Booster for league after Week 4 (while supplies last)

    Week 5-8: Introducing the Waiver Wire.

    Starting Week 5, I will put up 2 figures on the Waiver Wire. The lowest ranked player in each league will have first chance at adding a figure (1) to their roster. If they pass, then the next lowest ranked player can add that figure, and so on. We will do this for each new figure. If a player adds a figure to their roster, he must place a figure or figures on the Waiver Wire (essentially replacing it). The figure or figures must equal or exceed the point value of the figure taken. We will do this for 1 round each week, during league, but before it starts.

    Just know that you will be basically trading your figures.
    These new figures will be added to your roster for the week, and you must delete the figures you are placing on the Waiver Wire from your roster sheet

    *You can only use any given piece no more than 3 times in league (excluding playoffs)
    *Single elimination Playoff the week after League ends
    *Individual Awards will be handed out


    Duration: November-January
    Format: 300pts-800pts

    *You can only use the figures you get from the League unless noted
    *You can only use game pieces you get from League unless noted
    *Standard objects are legal; ATAs allowed
    *No trading allowed with the pool of figures you opened for the league
    *Swiss rounds, maximum of 3 rounds; 40min rounds
    *Each league event will have a different format

    Prizing: A small amount from each entry will go into a prize pool which will be given out at the end of the league season; each league event will have minimal prizing; awards will be given out at the end of the league, in the form of store credit, boosters, LEs, Comics (Collected Editions); Awards for the following categories will be given out at the end of the season:

    *Top Finishers (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    *Most Wins
    *Highest Win Percentage
    *Most Points (will be determine through our point system)
    *Hulk Smash Award (best Victory Point Percentage)
    *Iron Man Award (most appearances; this also includes participation at non-league tournaments, but non-league tournaments count as 1/2; Tie-Breaker is total Games Played in League)

    The Awards Ceremony will usually be the week following the Playoffs

    Eligibility: Anyone can join, but in order to be qualified for Awards, you must enter a minimum of 4 league events
    Tracking: Each player will be responsible for keeping track of their booster pulls. Each player will receive a sheet to document each figure/feat/token/special object. That player must write down all items at the beginning of each event, and turn it in to the Commissioner (me!) at the end of that event. Random checks will occur throughout the season; we will be going on an Honor System
    Penalty: Any discrepancies will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and penalties can and will include disqualification from the current event, deducting league points, and forfeiting wins.
    Point-System: We will be using the following chart to determine league points:

    *Event entry: 1pt.
    *Game played: 1pt.
    *Game Win: 1pt.
    *KO at least 50% of opp. Force: 1pt.
    *KO ALL of opp. Force: 1/2pt.
    *Your entire Force surviving a game: 1pt.
    *Going 3-0 at event: 2pts.
    *Going 2-1 at event: 1pt.
    *Playing in 4th League event: 1pt.
    *Playing in 6th League event: 1pt.
    *Playing in ALL League events: 1pt.
    *Playing a Theme Team for all games of an event: 1pt.
    *Defeating Noel Martinez, Shawn McGeath, Kris Flores, and Eric Clarke in a League event: 1pt.
    *“Achievements”: 1pt+ each time it is achieved (TBA)

    The Top Finishers will be determined by a Playoff system, where the Top 6-8 players (determined by a composite score between Points, Wins, Win Pct., and Aggression Rating) will meet in a single elimination Playoff Tournament (with a 3rd place game).
    *A Bye gets you 2 pts (Win + 1/2 KO points).
    * New players can make up all the League Events he/she missed
    *If you miss a League event, you can make it up by paying for the missed event no later than the following week, but you will not receive the 1 entry pt.
    *If you are going to miss a League event, you can pay for it in advance and still receive the 1 pt. for entry

Season 16 – First ever Back-to-Back League Champion!

Ryan Roberts has done something that no other player has done. He has won back-to-back championships. Matt Jackson is the only other 2-time winner, but he didn’t do it in back-to-back fashion. Guardians of the Galaxy league proved to be a very diverse set AND league, with many strategies being employed, from tentpole teams to synergistic theme teams. This is the first League in a long time where we had different winners in different categories. Aside from winning Season 17, Ryan also won the Smash Award. Not to be outdone, 3rd Place winner Weston Garcia won Most Points and Most Wins, while Runner-Up Michael Hart took home the Iron Man Award, and previous champion, Justino Jimenez won the Best Win Percentage award. Rounding out the list was newcomer Matthew Cacho, who won Fellowship. Congratulations to all and let’s speed on over to the Flash League!


Season 12 Back Under One Roof!

It was the first time in a long time that the Heroclix League was at one location.  This meant that more players playing at once, and more competition.  It was a virtual Who’s Who of past Top Performers, including the return of 3-time Runner-Up, Eric Clarke.  It was a tough league, with no less than 7 DIFFERENT 3-0 players throughout the regular season.  Many players picked up powerful Team Bases from the Wolverine and the X-Men set, and end, it was veteran league player Noel Martinez’s New Mutants Team Base taking out Shawn McGeath’s Shi’ar Team Base to claim the Season 12 championship, as well as the Iron Man Award for his dedication.  After a stellar start to league, Noel faltered towards the end of the regular season, falling all the way to 5th, but still making it in, and eventually pulling out the win.  Fellow veteran Kris Flores made his mark by getting on the trophy with his 3rd Place finish.  Newcomer Pierre McDermott won the Fellowship Award, Eric Clarke won the regular season crown, and Shawn’s aggressive style of play earned him the Hulk Smash Award.  Congrats to all who participated and made this a very successful return to league form.  See you all during the lucky Season 13, Invincible Iron Man!



Heroclix League Season 11

It was the first time in a long time since League was only at one venue, but with the consolidated league for Season 11, it meant more competition for the players.  Rookie sensation Jim Moraga took his “Any Given Sunday” philosophy and dispatched 3 worthy opponents, including long-time veteran and perennial Playoff competitor Dennis Ramirez in the Finals.  Jim was an alternate in case a player did not show up for the Playoffs, and he made the most of his opportunity.  Jim becomes the 10th DIFFERENT Champion in this very tough and competitive league.  Other winners included Fellowship Winner Ryan Roberts, who brought (and sometimes paid for) and new player into the fold; Chris O’Neal had the highest Win Percentage, and Kevin Afrooz won the Regular Season title and cleaned house by taking the Hulk Smash Award, Iron Award, Most Points, and Most Wins Awards as well.  We had a pretty good turnout for the consolidated league and we look forward to the next Season, Wolverine and the X-Men!

Heroclix League Season 8 Champion crowned, Heartbreak for another

It has been 8 seasons and Matthew Jackson has become the 8th different champion.  Matt overcame a slow start in the Friday Division to make in the playoffs and narrowly beating Eric Clarke in the Finals.  His Veteran Paramedic was the MVP as she was able to heal throughout the playoffs key pieces to keep them alive and squeak by with narrow wins.  Eric Clarke has an unprecedented third CONSECUTIVE Runner-Up finish, just barely losing to Matt.  Matt also won the Iron Man Award, going to almost every weekly Hobby League at both stores to cement his win.  Longtime League player John Huynh finally gets his name on the trophy with a nice 3rd Place finish. Newcomer Ryan Roberts and mainstay Armen Ohanian won the Fellowship Award. John and Season 7 Champion Danny Estrada won their respective Divisions.  Stay tuned for a big Season 9 announcement!

Friday Division:

1. John Huynh
2. Noel Martinez

3. Justin Jimenez
4. Matthew Jackson
5. Andrew Orris

6. Roger Jimenez
7. Michael Hunter
8. Ryan Roberts
9. David Whalen
10. James Stucker
11. Robert Gardner
12. Randy Stucker

Saturday Division:

1. Danny Estrada
2. Chris O’Neal
3. Eric Clarke

4. Noel Martinez
4. Armen Ohanian
6. Patrick Lee
7. Justin Buerano
8. Kevin Afrooz
9. Jaswa Tran


Heroclix League Season 7 Champion, Also a Returning Player!

Danny Estrada has been away from the game for over 3 years.  He made his return and he returned with a vengeance.  Fighting through seasoned veterans as well as newer players, Danny showed that you don’t need Colossals to win.  He becomes the first Champion to win in his first Season since Roel Sanchez did it in Season 4.  Eric Clarke became the first player to post back-to-back Runner-Up finishes.  Chris O’Neal and Bryan Reza had amazing Win Percentages to go along with winning the inaugural Brave and the Bold Awards, which awards players with Aggressive play styles, with Chris getting a whopping 90% of his possible Victory Points!  We had new players as well, with Vaughn Nguyen (playing mostly Street Fighter clix!) and Justin Buerano winning the Fellowship Awards.  Matt Jackson came from behind to win the Iron Man Award, taking it from Kevin Afrooz in the last few weeks.  David Whalen again had a dominant performance, handily winning his Saturday Division.  The Playoffs were full of upsets all of the Top Seeds fell in the Quarterfinals and two lower seeds, Danny and Eric, battling it out in the Finals.  Brackets are below:

Heroclix League Season 6 Champion crowned!

Season 6 of the Heroclix League is over and we have a new Champion, and his name is Albert Gaona.  After finishing in the top 3 on two other occasions, Albert finally broke through to capture his first League Title.  This season’s storyline was that of dominance as well as parity.  Going into the last week, both Divisions’ 4th spot was open for the taking, with no less than 4 players within striking distance on both Friday and Saturday.  Eric Clarke, a newcomer, took the spot and rode it all the way to a Runner-up finish for his first ever League entry.  Meanwhile, late-comer Bryan Reza made an impressive run in the end to make the Playoffs.  The Playoffs, however, was dominated by the Friday Division.  They won all of their first round match-ups and the Top 3 was an all-Friday affair, with Albert winning, Eric getting second, and a returning former champion David Whalen getting third.  Congratulations to all, and we will see you in April for League Season 7, Galactic Guardians!

5th Season Results

Season 5 was the debut of 2 major sets: Superman and Halo.  It also marked the return of League to Fridays at Majestix, and both divisions were played at either Costa Mesa (Saturdays) or Huntington Beach (Fridays).  With a natural rivalry between the stores, the top players were split among both stores.  Roel Sanchez and Dennis Ramirez stayed at Costa Mesa, while Mike Gonzalez and Albert Gaona played Huntington Beach.  After big turnouts at the beginning, it was clear that there were 4 players destined to make the Playoffs, regardless of their record, as was showcased by Arturo Vazquez’s 5-13 regular season record would indicate.  Dennis and Albert were the odds on favorite to win it all as both dominated their respective divisions.  As the dice gods would have it, the #4 seeds won their Top 8 matchup as Steve Shelton and Arturo shocked Dennis and Albert, respectively.  That left the door wide open for Mike Gonzalez and Chris O’Neal to vie for the title, with Mike edging out Chris to claim his first League title after 4 Seasons!:

Congratulations to Mike “Blades for 7” Gonzalez for winning Season 6 of the Majestix Heroclix League!


4th Season Results

Season 4 of our Heroclix League shows how much the game as grown.  The main set was Captain America, but with Street Fighter and Gears of War 3 also being available, things got interesting quickly.  By popular demand, the League was actually split up into 2 divisions: Saturdays @ Majestix and Fridays @ Biggy’s.  The new format meant that the Top 4 players from each division would square off in a single elimination playoff to determine the Champion.  In the Majestix Division, Arturo Vazquez turned in a 3-0 effort in the last week to squeeze into the Top 4, and make the playoffs.  Dennis Ramirez was actually in the Top 4 of both Divisions, but decided to relinquish his spot in the Biggy’s Division and let Calen Rau in.  In a twist of fate, Dennis was paired up with the person he let in.  The format was 800pt, 4 actions, and the Playoff brackets were set:



Congratulations to Roel Sanchez for being the first Undisputed Champion, and thanks to Biggy’s for running a great League!


Saturday, September 17th; Season 4 (Week 8), 600-pt (3 actions); 7 players:

  • 1st – Arturo Vazquez: 3-0 (1462pts)

Saturday, September 10th; Season 4 (Week 7), 400-pt (3 diff. teams); 10 players:

  • 1st – Roel Sanchez: 3-0 (1189pts)

Saturday, September 3rd; Season 4 (Week 6), 500-pt (2 figs. Total 250pts+); 9 players:

  • 1st – Dennis Ramirez: 3-0 (1233pts)

Saturday, August 27th; Season 4 (Week 5), 300-pt (switch teams w/your opp.); 10 players:

  • 1st – Dennis Ramirez: 3-0 (776pts)

Saturday, August 13th; Season 4 (Week 4), 300-pt (no fig. over 100 pts).; 10 players

  • 1st – Justin Cole: 3-0 (893pts)
  • 2nd – Weston Garcia: 3-0 (887pts)

Saturday, July 6th; Season 4 (Week 3), 400-pt Sealed; 11 players

  • 1st – David Whalen: 3-0 (1180pts)
  • 2nd – Justin Cole: 3-0 (842pts)

Saturday, July 30th; Season 4 (Week 2), 300-pt Can’t use figs from prv. Wk.; 11 players

  • 1st – Chris O’Neal: 3-0 (875pts)

Saturday, July 16th; Season 4 (Week 1), 300-pt Sealed; 13 players

  • 1st – Arturo Vazquez: 3-0 (872pts)
  • 2nd – Dennis Ramirez: 3-0 (860pts)

View the full results for Season 4:

3rd Season Results

Friday, May 6th, Heroclix League Week 8; 700-pts (can’t use figs from last week.); 11 players:

  • 1st – John Huynh: 3-0 (1733pts)
  • 2nd – Mike Gonzalez: 3-0 (1628pts)

Friday, April 29th, Heroclix League Week 7; 400-pts (2 figs must equal 250pts+.); 10 players:

  • 1st – Derek Schuetz: 3-0 (886pts)

Friday, April 22nd, Heroclix League Week 6; 300-pts (switch teams w/opp. Each rd.); 12 players:

  • 1st – Nick Ramirez: 3-0 (752pts)
  • 2nd – Calen Rau: 3-0 (639pts)

Friday, April 15th, Heroclix League Week 5; 600-pts (Can buy a Super Booster); 14 players:

  • 1st – Garrison Kean: 3-0 (1237pts)
  • 2nd – Peter Hastings: 3-0 (1126pts)

Friday, April 8th, Heroclix League Week 4; 300-pts (all figs under 100 pts); 16 players:

  • 1st – Patrick Yapjoco: 3-0 (770pts)
  • 2nd – Derek Schuetz: 3-0 (760pts)

Friday, April 1st, Heroclix League Week 3; 400-pts; 9 players:

  • 1st – Peter Hastings: 3-0 (1183pts)

Friday, March 25th, Heroclix League Week 2; 300-pts (can’t use figs from prv. week); 18 players:

  • 1st – Garrison Kean: 3-0 (840pts)
  • 2nd – Jackson Rau: 3-0 (646pts)

Friday, March 18th, Heroclix League Week 1; 300-pts (Sealed); 18 players:

  • 1st – Garrison Kean: 3-0 (876pts)
  • 2nd – Nick Ramirez: 3-0 (874pts)
  • 3rd – Calen Rau: 3-0 (862pts)

View Full Results for Season 3:

The 2nd Heroclix Season (DC75) ended with a flurry.  The race was close and there were 4 players who could have won the league championship with a good showing.  In the end, David Whalen came out on top with an undefeated 8th week and snatched victory from Dennis Ramirez, who had been holding the lead for 5 weeks.  Defending Champion Jackson Rau also made a valiant effort, but just missed out on placing, and first-time league player Albert Ganoa won 3rd place. Meanwhile, Robert Gardner exhibited extraordinary sportsmanship throughout the season and won Fellowship for his efforts.  For their dedication and skill, the top finishers and award winners all received a White Lantern Sinestro, store credit and/or Graphic Novels.
Congrats to all for a great 2nd season!

Winners and Awards:

  • Champion – David Whalen
  • 2nd – Dennis Ramirez
  • 3rd – Albert Ganoa
  • Fellowship Award – Robert Gardner
  • “Iron Man” Award – David Whalen
  • Most Points – David Whalen
  • Most Wins – David Whalen and Dennis Ramirez
  • Highest Win Percentage – David Whalen, Dennis Ramirez, Albert Ganoa, Jackson Rau

View Full Results for Season 2:

Friday, February 18th, Heroclix League Week 8; 800-pts (4 actions); 10 players:

  • 1st – David Whalen: 3-0 (1257pts)

Friday, February 11th, Heroclix League Week 7; 500-pts (can’t use figs from prv. wk.); 10 players:

  • 1st – Calen Rau: 3-0 (1482pts)
  • 2nd – David Whalen: 3-0 (1339pts)

Friday, February 4th, Heroclix League Week 6; 400-pts (can’t use figs from prev. wk.); 12 players:

  • 1st – Tommy Nguyen: 3-0 (894pts)

Friday, January 28th, Heroclix League Week 5; 300-pts (switch @ start of each rd.); 12 players:

  • 1st – Albert Ganoa: 3-0 (797pts)
  • 2nd – Garrison Kean: 3-0 (304pts)

Friday, January 21st, Heroclix League Week 4; 300-pts (swarm or 1-man army); 10 players:

  • 1st – Chris Shelton: 3-0 (897pts)
  • 2nd – Eder Leyva: 3-0 (891pts)

Friday, January 14th, Heroclix League Week 3; 400-pts (can’t use figs. From previous wk.); 10 players:

  • 1st – Albert Ganoa: 3-0 (1167pts)

Friday, January 7th, Heroclix League Week 2; 300-pts (must use at least 1 figure from new booster); 12 players:

  • 1st – Dennis Ramirez: 3-0 (879pts)
  • 2nd – Jackson Rau: 3-0 (855pts)

Friday, December 17th, Heroclix League Week 1; 300-pts Sealed (2 boosters); 10 players:

  • 1st – Patrick Yapjoco: 3-0 (878pts)
  • 2nd – Jackson Rau: 3-0 (859pts)

View Full Results For Season 1:

Awards Night! Look at the shiny, shiny things!

Jackson Rau, Season 1 Champion

Calen Rau, Season 1 Runner-Up

In the inaugural season of Majestix Heroclix League, and after 8 long (and FUN!) weeks, we have our winners:

  • 1st – Jackson Rau
  • 2nd – Calen Rau
  • 3rd (tie) – Derek Schuetz
  • 3rd (tie) – Kyle Baynes

Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to the next season of the Heroclix League, when DC75 is released!

Friday, October 29th, Heroclix League Week 8; 400-pts (can’t use pieces from prev. 2 events unless part of a theme team); 12 players:

  • 1st – Jackson Rau: 3-0 (1108pts)
  • 2nd – Justine Stephenson: 3-0 (814pts)

Friday, October 22nd, Heroclix League Week 7; 300-pts (switch teams w/opponent each round); 12 players:

  • 1st – Calen Rau: 3-0 (713pts)

Friday, October 15th, Heroclix League Week 6; 400-pts (All pieces must be under 100 points each); 14 players:

  • 1st – Calen Rau: 3-0 (1184pts)
  • 2nd – Derek Schuetz: 3-0 (1014pts)
  • 3rd – Patrick Yapjoco: 3-0 (959pts)

Friday, October 8th, Heroclix League Week 5; 500-pts (2 figs must equal at least half of your build total); 15 players:

  • 1st – Jackson Rau: 3-0 (1499pts)
  • 2nd – Patrick Yapjoco: 3-0 (1487pts)

Friday, October 1st, Heroclix League Week 4; 400-pts (can’t use figs from prev. wk.); 16 players:

  • 1st – Justine Stephenson: 3-0 (1197pts)
  • 2nd – Patrick Yapjoco: 3-0 (1028pts)

Friday, September 24th, Heroclix League Week 2; 300-pts (can’t use figs from prev. wk.); 14 players:

  • 1st – Jackson Rau: 3-0 (889pts)
  • 2nd – Derek Schuetz: 3-0 (885pts)
  • 3rd – Kyle Baynes: 3-0 (662pts)

Friday, September 17th, Heroclix League Week 2; 400-pts; 14 players:

  • 1st – David Whalen: 3-0 (836pts)
  • 2nd – Calen Rau: 3-0 (799pts)

Friday, September 10th, Heroclix League Week 1; 300-pt Sealed (2 boosters); 14 players:

  • 1st – Mike Yandall: 3-0 (889pts)
  • 2nd – Patrick Yapjoco: 3-0 (877pts)

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