Majestix Heroclix League Season 15 – Long Time Veteran Wins Championship!

It’s been plenty of seasons of disappointment for Ryan Roberts.  From starting off slowly during the Chaos War league to getting oh so close in recent Seasons, Ryan finally broke through and won the big one.  A smart and sound strategy propelled him to his first championship, and it couldn’t have come in a better league.  With League numbers on the rise recently, the Deadpool set really reset the bar for attendance.  The set proved very popular and had many players, old and new, come and try their hand in Season 15.  Staples Jim and Dennis also made their mark by finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  Newer players Gary Sandstrom and Zach Melmet showed their dedication as well as improvement as Zach finished in the Top 3 in the regular season, while Gary persevered to win the very hard to win Iron Man Award.  It was a fun and competitive league, with many sets coming out and throwing curveballs in the season, and we look forward to Guardians of the Galaxy season coming very soon. Congrats to all the winners!




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