Season 12 Back Under One Roof!

It was the first time in a long time that the Heroclix League was at one location.  This meant that more players playing at once, and more competition.  It was a virtual Who’s Who of past Top Performers, including the return of 3-time Runner-Up, Eric Clarke.  It was a tough league, with no less than 7 DIFFERENT 3-0 players throughout the regular season.  Many players picked up powerful Team Bases from the Wolverine and the X-Men set, and end, it was veteran league player Noel Martinez’s New Mutants Team Base taking out Shawn McGeath’s Shi’ar Team Base to claim the Season 12 championship, as well as the Iron Man Award for his dedication.  After a stellar start to league, Noel faltered towards the end of the regular season, falling all the way to 5th, but still making it in, and eventually pulling out the win.  Fellow veteran Kris Flores made his mark by getting on the trophy with his 3rd Place finish.  Newcomer Pierre McDermott won the Fellowship Award, Eric Clarke won the regular season crown, and Shawn’s aggressive style of play earned him the Hulk Smash Award.  Congrats to all who participated and made this a very successful return to league form.  See you all during the lucky Season 13, Invincible Iron Man!


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