Gaming Policy

We will be following the ROC Rules with some minor changes/clarifications

1. If your Game Element (characters, resource dials, special objects, etc.) has an accompanying card, you MUST have that card present and visible during a match (if playing an ATA, one copy must be printed out); failure to comply will result in a possible Game Loss or forfeiture of the use of that Game Element during a game
2. A die or dice roll is considered “cocked” if the die or dice fall off of the table, land on or against another Game Element (even if it is flat) or if the die or dice fall between “cracks” of a table, and all dice must be re-rolled.
3. You may only use 1 pair of dice (ROC Dice are recommended) in your game and no “gimmick” dice will be allowed (no bone dice, no die within a die, etc); you may only use the same pair of dice for any given game for rolls (no special “Super Senses” or “BCF” dice); inquire with a Judge if you are unsure about your dice
4. 1 pair of ROC Dice will be used by both players in the Top 8
5. You may request to use your opponent’s dice, and your opponent must oblige
6. As long as you do not take another action, click your figure, or roll dice for any game effect (ie, attacks or evading), or the game state has not changed by doing so, you may take your action back; otherwise it is at the discretion of your opponent
7. Both players are responsible for knowing the Game State and remembering any Beginning of the Turn or End of the Turn triggers as well as all Game Effects; as long as the Game State can be repaired, there will be no severe Penalties for missed triggers and effects, although Warnings will be given out at the Judge’s discretion
8. Turtling is a strategy, but Stalling is cheating and will not be tolerated; if you feel that your opponent is Stalling, call a Judge over and he will overlook your game for Slow Play
9. Penalties for any Rules Violation range from Warnings to Disqualification (on a case by case basis)
10. Penalties for Slow Play may include loss of an action or loss of an entire turn
11. If you disagree with a Floor Judge ruling, you may appeal to the Head Judge, but the Head Judge’s ruling is final
12. As spectators (players who are not in an active game), you may not talk to players during their Game about strategies or tactics. However, if you witness a game play error/violation, call a Floor Judge immediately and explain the violation to him. Do not say anything to the players about the violation. The Floor Judge will determine if any action should be taken.
13. Tie-Breakers in all events will be determined by Wizkids Event System
14. Although this is a high-level event, this should still be a fun event; don’t be a dink to your fellow clixer!
15. In addition to the ROC/Grid Reality -legal maps, we will be using the Wizkids Map List

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