Heroclix League Results – Season 2

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The 2nd Heroclix Season (DC75) ended with a flurry.  The race was close and there were 4 players who could have won the league championship with a good showing.  In the end, David Whalen came out on top with an undefeated 8th week and snatched victory from Dennis Ramirez, who had been holding the lead for 5 weeks.  Defending Champion Jackson Rau also made a valiant effort, but just missed out on placing, and first-time league player Albert Ganoa won 3rd place. Meanwhile, Robert Gardner exhibited extraordinary sportsmanship throughout the season and won Fellowship for his efforts.  For their dedication and skill, the top finishers and award winners all received a White Lantern Sinestro, store credit and/or Graphic Novels.
Congrats to all for a great 2nd season!

Winners and Awards:

  • Champion – David Whalen
  • 2nd – Dennis Ramirez
  • 3rd – Albert Ganoa
  • Fellowship Award – Robert Gardner
  • “Iron Man” Award – David Whalen
  • Most Points – David Whalen
  • Most Wins – David Whalen and Dennis Ramirez
  • Highest Win Percentage – David Whalen, Dennis Ramirez, Albert Ganoa, Jackson Rau

Friday, February 18th, Heroclix League Week 8; 800-pts (4 actions); 10 players:

  • 1st – David Whalen: 3-0 (1257pts)

Friday, February 11th, Heroclix League Week 7; 500-pts (can’t use figs from prv. wk.); 10 players:

  • 1st – Calen Rau: 3-0 (1482pts)
  • 2nd – David Whalen: 3-0 (1339pts)

Friday, February 4th, Heroclix League Week 6; 400-pts (can’t use figs from prev. wk.); 12 players:

  • 1st – Tommy Nguyen: 3-0 (894pts)

Friday, January 28th, Heroclix League Week 5; 300-pts (switch @ start of each rd.); 12 players:

  • 1st – Albert Ganoa: 3-0 (797pts)
  • 2nd – Garrison Kean: 3-0 (304pts)

Friday, January 21st, Heroclix League Week 4; 300-pts (swarm or 1-man army); 10 players:

  • 1st – Chris Shelton: 3-0 (897pts)
  • 2nd – Eder Leyva: 3-0 (891pts)

Friday, January 14th, Heroclix League Week 3; 400-pts (can’t use figs. From previous wk.); 10 players:

  • 1st – Albert Ganoa: 3-0 (1167pts)

Friday, January 7th, Heroclix League Week 2; 300-pts (must use at least 1 figure from new booster); 12 players:

  • 1st – Dennis Ramirez: 3-0 (879pts)
  • 2nd – Jackson Rau: 3-0 (855pts)

Friday, December 17th, Heroclix League Week 1; 300-pts Sealed (2 boosters); 10 players:

  • 1st – Patrick Yapjoco: 3-0 (878pts)
  • 2nd – Jackson Rau: 3-0 (859pts)

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