Heroclix League Results – Season 4

Season 4 of our Heroclix League shows how much the game as grown.  The main set was Captain America, but with Street Fighter and Gears of War 3 also being available, things got interesting quickly.  By popular demand, the League was actually split up into 2 divisions: Saturdays @ Majestix and Fridays @ Biggy’s.  The new format meant that the Top 4 players from each division would square off in a single elimination playoff to determine the Champion.  In the Majestix Division, Arturo Vazquez turned in a 3-0 effort in the last week to squeeze into the Top 4, and make the playoffs.  Dennis Ramirez was actually in the Top 4 of both Divisions, but decided to relinquish his spot in the Biggy’s Division and let Calen Rau in.  In a twist of fate, Dennis was paired up with the person he let in.  The format was 800pt, 4 actions, and the Playoff brackets were set:



Congratulations to Roel Sanchez for being the first Undisputed Champion, and thanks to Biggy’s for running a great League!



View the full results for Season 4:

4th Season Results

Saturday, September 17th; Season 4 (Week 8), 600-pt (3 actions); 7 players:

  • 1st – Arturo Vazquez: 3-0 (1462pts)

Saturday, September 10th; Season 4 (Week 7), 400-pt (3 diff. teams); 10 players:

  • 1st – Roel Sanchez: 3-0 (1189pts)

Saturday, September 3rd; Season 4 (Week 6), 500-pt (2 figs. Total 250pts+); 9 players:

  • 1st – Dennis Ramirez: 3-0 (1233pts)

Saturday, August 27th; Season 4 (Week 5), 300-pt (switch teams w/your opp.); 10 players:

  • 1st – Dennis Ramirez: 3-0 (776pts)

Saturday, August 13th; Season 4 (Week 4), 300-pt (no fig. over 100 pts).; 10 players

  • 1st – Justin Cole: 3-0 (893pts)
  • 2nd – Weston Garcia: 3-0 (887pts)

Saturday, July 6th; Season 4 (Week 3), 400-pt Sealed; 11 players

  • 1st – David Whalen: 3-0 (1180pts)
  • 2nd – Justin Cole: 3-0 (842pts)

Saturday, July 30th; Season 4 (Week 2), 300-pt Can’t use figs from prv. Wk.; 11 players

  • 1st – Chris O’Neal: 3-0 (875pts)

Saturday, July 16th; Season 4 (Week 1), 300-pt Sealed; 13 players

  • 1st – Arturo Vazquez: 3-0 (872pts)
  • 2nd – Dennis Ramirez: 3-0 (860pts)

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