Majestix Heroclix League Season 16 – First ever Back-to-Back League Champion!

Ryan Roberts has done something that no other player has done.  He has won back-to-back championships.  Matt Jackson is the only other 2-time winner, but he didn’t do it in back-to-back fashion.  Guardians of the Galaxy league proved to be a very diverse set AND league, with many strategies being employed, from tentpole teams to synergistic theme teams.  This is the first League in a long time where we had different winners in different categories.  Aside from winning Season 17, Ryan also won the Smash Award.  Not to be outdone, 3rd Place winner Weston Garcia won Most Points and Most Wins, while Runner-Up Michael Hart took home the Iron Man Award, and previous champion, Justino Jimenez won the Best Win Percentage award.  Rounding out the list was newcomer Matthew Cacho, who won Fellowship.  Congratulations to all and let’s speed on over to the Flash League!

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