Majestix Player’s Club

Store Champions System

This puts a new level of importance on every round of every match you play in our tournaments. Every Sealed Deck tournament, Constructed tournament, and Draft you play in will earn you points, and at the end of each period the Top Points leaders of each game will earn prizes described below. As a bonus, for players who play multiple games, there will be an Overall Champion.

*We will track the results/points for a period of 3 months for the following games: Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Heroclix, Pokemon, and WoW TCG. We will have a Leaderboard and full standings will be updated weekly and available for viewing on our website and at both stores.

*Prizes are as follows (for each game; min. of 15 points per game to qualify):
1st place – $25 store credit
2nd place – $20 store credit
3rd place – $15 store credit

*Overall Winners (must have at least 15 points in at least 2 games to qualify):
Overall Champion – $50 store credit
Overall Runner-Up – $30 store credit
Overall 2nd Runner-Up – $20 store credit

*Points structure ($1 tournaments of less than 8 players will not count):

4-7 player tournament

1st – 2pts
2nd – 7th – 1pt

8-12 player tournament
1st – 3pts
2nd – 4th – 2pts
5th – 12th – 1pt

13-18 player tournament
1st – 4pts
2nd – 3pts
3rd – 8th – 2pts
9th-18th – 1pt

19-26 player tournament
1st – 5pts
2nd – 4th – 4pts
5th – 8th – 3pts
9th – 16th – 2pts
17th – 26th – 1pt

27+ player tournament
1st – 6pts
2nd – 5pts
3rd – 8th – 4pts
9th – 16th – 3pts
17th – 26th – 2pts
27th and on – 1pt

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