Heroclix League Season 6 Champion Crowned!

Season 6 of the Heroclix League is over and we have a new Champion, and his name is Albert Gaona.  After finishing in the top 3 on two other occasions, Albert finally broke through to capture his first League Title.  This season’s storyline was that of dominance as well as parity.  Going into the last week, both Divisions’ 4th spot was open for the taking, with no less than 4 players within striking distance on both Friday and Saturday.  Eric Clarke, a newcomer, took the spot and rode it all the way to a Runner-up finish for his first ever League entry.  Meanwhile, late-comer Bryan Reza made an impressive run in the end to make the Playoffs.  The Playoffs, however, was dominated by the Friday Division.  They won all of their first round match-ups and the Top 3 was an all-Friday affair, with Albert winning, Eric getting second, and a returning former champion David Whalen getting third.  Congratulations to all, and we will see you in April for League Season 7, Galactic Guardians!

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