Store Champions Announced!

Our Winter Season is over and we have a new Overall Champion, and his name is Michael Gibson.  Michael becomes first player not named Barry Huang to win the Overall Championship!  However, Barry Huang didn’t come away empty handed as he became the first two-game Champion.  Chris Hart is the new YGO champion with an amazing 54 points.  Our Winter Season Store Champions:

Magic: the Gathering

  • 1st – Barry Huang (31pts)
  • 2nd – Michael Gibson (28pts)
  • 3rd – Brian Lam (27pts)


  • 1st – Chris Hart (54pts)
  • 2nd – Eric Clarke (42pts)
  • 3rd – Kyle Kemper (40pts)


  • 1st – Michael Gibson (27pts)
  • 2nd – Albert Gaona (22pts)
  • 3rd – James Foster (18pts)

Overall Champion: Michael Gibson (58pts)

Congratulations to all the winners and to all who participated to make this a successful first season.  The 1st Place winners each receive $25 Store Credit, the 2nd Place finishers receive $15 Store Credit, and the 3rd Place finishers receive $10 Store Credit (ties will split credit).  The Overall Champion, Barry Huang, will receive an additional $50 Store Credit.  Next Season Starts October 1st!

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