Side Events

All-Weekend Long!
Side Events
Time: Saturday 1:00pm-7:00pm; Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm
Cost: $5 Per Format, except for Battle Royale ($12) and Draft ($25)
Structure: Pods will fire once 4 players sign up for any given format; 2 Rounds of Swiss. Winner of each Pod receives some prizing (Monthly OP Kit LEs, ROC Tokens, Dice, other LEs, and more!); Snake Draft at the end as well by order of finish

*There will be 3 Formats throughout the weekend:
-300pt Modern Age
-400pt “Brown Bag” Sealed (5 carded figures; 5 non-carded figures)
-Battle Royale (1 Booster of your choice)
-300pt Draft (2 Boosters; $25); this is an entire brick (includes 2 remaining boosters as prizing)

Regarding Battle Royales and Draft:

*We will be using X-Men Xavier’s School boosters
*300pt Draft is a 4-person pod where each player gets two boosters and a Draft Screen to conceal their picks.  Each player will open their first booster and take out the character cards.  Each player picks one card (taking the figure from the booster) and passes the rest to the left.  Repeat this process until all cards are chosen (and figures taken out); then each player will open their second booster and repeat the draft process, but this time passing the booster to the right.  After the draft process is complete, each player will have 10 minutes to build a 300pt team with what they drafted and play in a mini 2-Round tournament within their Pod (1v1).  The winner will receive one of the 2 remaining boosters from the brick and players snake Draft afterward per the normal drafting rules at the end.


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