SoCal Magic

Contact Information: SoCal Magic 714-634-1818

Address: 1818 W. Chapman Ave. Ste B. Orange, CA 92868
We are right next to a Donut Star/Circle K and across the street from
The old Adrays store.

Saturday the 29th of January will be SoCal Magic’s Prerelease. We are
also making this our Grand Opening event, and the details are as

1/29/2011 Sign up starts at 1:30 – 2:00 PM, store will open up around
12:00 PM. Tournament will start roughly at 2:30 – 3:00 PM. We are
looking at 25-30 players based on current sign ups and we have space
for 36 players. The entry fee will be $25 and you will get 3 packs of
Scars of Mirrodin and 3 packs of the faction of Mirrodin Besieged you
choose. You will get the corresponding Prerelease promo card as well.
Card sleeves will be provided. :)

We are declaring this as our Grand Opening. We never had an official
grand opening so will be offering free pizza and drinks for all

Our random raffle will be modified a little bit for this event due to
the size, it will be much larger. Possibly having more then 1 BIG
random raffle, we will have at least 5-10 more raffles given out,
including a booster box worth of packs.

Prize support we cannot comment on yet because it depends on how many
attend and every last person that comes makes it go up in prize

We will be having drafting going on that day it is uncertain at the
time on when it will take place. We will have sign up sheets for the
draft and times they start on the tournament day. There is a good
chance we will be cutting to the top 8 on this day which means anyone
who places in top 8 will play 3 more rounds no time limit and have a
chance at first again. It may be top 4 or 8 this has not been decided,
places 5-X may just get their packs while 1-4 get a shot at 1 again.

Pre ordering boxes and fat packs are still open we have not decided if
we will have any special offers on this day or possibly exclusively
for participants.

Side events I touched on earlier which is the drafting, if you guys
want to pack war, mini masters or anything to that effect be our
guest. If you are not participating and still come it is alright we
have plenty of room now that our store doubled in size. We also have
additional seating outside for up to 24 plus.

Having fun, this is a day of celebration for the new set and we hope
everyone has fun, we will try to make our prerelease a great event and
we will have a comment sheet for you guys if you would like to tell us
what you want to see happen in the future.

Regular Store Info:
Saturday is usually casual play day, all are welcome!
FNM is still taking place the Friday 1/28 before the Prerelease 1/29,
please stop by, we have been getting a lot more players averaging 15+
now which means our prize support is higher then ever and our random
raffle prizes are better then ever. Last week we gave out a $100+
Spellground playmat as the big random raffle.
Please call on Thursdays for 100 card and drafting.
Wednesdays are game nights mostly Settlers of Catan, other board games
and magic are played as well.
Tuesdays is the day the store is closed, please feel free to call and
leave a message of a list or anything to that effect and we will get
on it first thing the next day.

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